Article of 03.02.2017

Inauguration of the Beuth Cave

On Friday, the 3rd February 2017, the time had finally come. The Virtual Reality (VR) is finding its way into department VIII of the Beuth University for Technology in Berlin.
The inauguration of the Beuth Cave in the laboratory for computer use in the production (CIP) opens up new possibilities for the teaching and science at the Beuth University for Technology in Berlin.

Together with interested guests of the industrial and higher education landscape of Berlin the Beuth University celebrated this move. The event offered each participant the chance to get a first insight into the advantages of VR and into the ongoing innovation projects around the Beuth Cave.

The employees of the CIP laboratory prepared a virtual tour for a small group, each with 6 participants maximum, in the Beuth Cave. This has enabled the members of the development planning committee and the members of the presidium (Prof. Gerber (VP1) and Prof. Kramp (VPL)) to pursue rotating radial engines, running washing machines and flow simulation in the virtual space. There were a lot of interesting conversations with the deans of the faculties II and VIII, Prof. Kasch and Prof. Kessler, pointing out the synergies between the projects of the particular faculties. The involvement of industry representatives, Rolls-Royce Germany and BSH household appliances GmbH, which apply the technology of the Cave in their enterprises, showed the interest in the VR and gave hope for a fruitful future collaboration.

In the laboratory for computer use in the production the Cave technology is deployed in the ERFRE supported project OPuS (Optimization of pump stations by the simulation of sedimentation processes), that should make it possible to early recognize and to avoid sedimentation processes in sewage systems with the help of VR and the simulation method Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in the near future. Furthermore the Beuth Cave should be used to vividly describe and to communicate complex machine processes within the washing machine. Exemplary for this, is the long-term project simulation laundry care of the BSH household appliances GmbH and the technical universities of Berlin.

The inauguration of the Beuth Cave has shown that the VR-fascination extends beyond the borders of the faculties and the Beuth University.

Us, the CIP-laboratory of the Beuth University, would like to thank all the guests for their active participation and the creative exchange. In addition, we are looking forward to promote the existing projects and to realize the new ideas in the area of VR with our project partners and colleagues.

Your contact person for questions regarding the use of the VR-Cave at the Beuth University is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Villwock.

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