Article of 02.05.2016

New contract for the cooperative research

Due to the very successful collaboration between BSH household appliances GmbH, Beuth University for Technology Berlin, the University for Technology and Economy Berlin and the Technical University of Berlin the BSH decided to invite to the technology center laundry care in Berlin Spandau on the occasion of the first University cooperation day, on 01.12.2015. The cooperation on the field of household appliances has existed now since more than four years and continues growing. Reason enough to review the previous time on such a special day.

Miss Prof. Dr. - Ing. Christine Ahrend (1. Vice president of TU Berlin), Miss Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Monika Gross (President of Beuth University) and Mister Prof. Dr. Klaus Semlinger (President of HTW Berlin) accepted the invitation with great interest.

In form of presentations, the attendants were informed about the relevant events and the results of research. Thereby, Dr. Andreas Hanau as a co-initiator of the cooperation gave an exciting overview of the previous years. Thereupon, the University coordinator and research assistant of TU Berlin Mister Tobias Morgenthal, research assistant of HTW Berlin Miss Katharina Ellmer and research assistant of the Beuth University Mister Christian Oertel presented the thematic highlights of the particular Universities and provided impressive results and textual views.

The day was crowned by the signature of a new contract on the subject of simulation laundry care. This contract involves the continuation of the collaboration in the field of household appliances and laundry care for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 and creates a solid basis for the cooperative research together with the Universities of Berlin.

Finally the research assistants handed Mister Hanau as a surprise a gift for the pleasant collaboration. Mister Hanau is leaving the cooperation at the end of the year and addresses himself to new tasks.

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