Article of 16.03.2017

Annual meeting of ProcessNet in Dresden-expert group Computational Fluid Dynamics

ProcessNet is a common initiative oF DECHEMA and of VDI. It is a German platform for process engineering, chemical engineering and technical chemistry. Furthermore, it affords the science and industry the possibility to exchange views on research topics.

To present the current research findings around the simulation of the washing process, Prof. Anja R. Paschedag, Sabine Przybilla and Pierre Sabrowski participated in this year's annual meeting in Dresden. On this occasion, they focused on the expert group Computational Fluid Dynamics and presented Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and their fields of application in the course of this subject area. Especially, the knowledge gained on the numerical simulation of mass transport and surface processes is introduced in a plenary speech. Moreover, the underlying numerical functional principle is illustrated with the aid of a poster in order to receive a first impression of the new method and its potential. Thus, especially, the audience which had few contact with the particle-based process so far is appealed. Moreover, an overview will be given on the current capabilities of the own cooperation's fluid solver which represent the technical basis for solutions of future scientific challenges.

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