Article of 10.05.2016

Project AdaProTech

On 01.04.2016 the collaboration project UrbanTech started adaptive process innovation in household to save resources and to increase the quality of life. The project has a duration of two years and is supported by the Senate Administration for Economics, Technology and Research (Institution for applied research (IFAF) Berlin). Project partners are the University for Technology and Economy in Berlin, BSH household appliances GmbH; Alsco work clothes service GmbH, co2online charitable GmbH and Phizzard GmbH.

The optimization and networking of the household technology has increasingly become the focus of Urban Tech. These connections should be researched in the course of the submitted project having special regard to the conservation of resources and the wellness of the consumer. Besides the general consideration of the areas of activity in household, in particular it is to be investigated how the whole process of doing laundry can be individualized and at the same time, how the resource consumption and the environmental pollution can be robust and efficient.

The consumption or rather saving potentials are determined in the laboratory by means of simulation. For the simulation, it can be built on the results of previous projects, which are expanded in consideration of chemical processes in the cleaning process. For the first time, moreover, the washing process should be seen as a whole and also the processes of the intelligent loading, the automated washing program- and temperature choice and the recognition as well was the return of the clean laundry must be comprised. Due to the development of a smart networking between the textiles to be washed, the washing machine and the detergent the daily routine of laundering is significantly simplified. The influences on the increase of daily processes? service life are investigated in real life household environments as well as in virtual laboratories of a "Cave" (laboratory in the Beuth University).

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